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The advantages of meltblown filter(熔喷滤芯)


  • The main filter material of meltblown filter (熔喷滤芯) is filter paper. At present filter paper mainly adopts domestic paper and imported paper, both domestic and imported paper have good filtering performance, while the inferior filter paper used by counterfeit filter can not prevent the dust from entering the engine, thus affecting The engine is working properly. General genuine filter paper around the filter color uniform, relatively flat paper; and poor quality filter paper around the filter is not uniform color, paper hair, the texture is poor.
    Meltblown filter (熔喷滤芯)production line for automatic control system, with a large output, high efficiency, long life characteristics; In addition, the production line with frequency control system, low energy consumption, less waste, good quality, stable performance, high precision filter . Multi-layer filter can be achieved through the multi-layer filter structure.
    Meltblown filter (熔喷滤芯)production line main application areas: Pure water manufacturing pretreatment, circulating cooling water, drinking water, laboratory water, boiler water, oilfield water, chemical water, pharmaceutical, electroplating, printing, paint, Caikuo, fuel, beer, beverages Industry filter and so on.

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