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Activated carbon filter manufacturers(活性炭滤芯厂家) teach you how to judge when to replace the filter


  • How to determine the filter expired? Activated carbon filter manufacturers (活性炭滤芯厂家)teach you how!
    In general, the life of the filter: pp cotton filter: 3-12 months; pre-activated carbon filter: 3-12 months; ultrafiltration membrane filter: 3-12 months; RO membrane: 12-36 months; Rear activated carbon filter: 12-24 months.
    But this is only a vague conceptual standard. For example, during the period of validity of the filter, the whole family went to visit the hotel for a period of time, and no filter element was used during this time period. Then is the period of service taken into account? These are Hard to judge.
    Activated carbon filter manufacturers(活性炭滤芯厂家)teach you several ways to determine when to replace the filter:
    1, the water flow becomes very small (indicating the filter plug, the filter should be cleaned in order to restore normal flow), after washing flow is still small, then you can not meet the need;
    2, the water outlet decreased, the taste and tap water close, that can not remove the chlorine taste of tap water, indicating that activated carbon filter has been saturated, activated carbon failure;
    3, the filter used for up to one year without replacement.
    Activated carbon filter manufacturers (活性炭滤芯厂家)said the emergence of the above conditions, indicating the need to replace the filter, but how much a little bother.

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